Preparing Your Child for School: Part 1

Sending your child to school can be a time of excitement or a time of anxiety.  If your child has been through this before, it is familiar, but can still set nerves on edge.  The whole idea of them leaving you for the day may not seem so traumatic, but the unknown is still a little scary.  I am especially concerned for my oldest this year.  I have been praying for the friends he will have and for his new teacher.  Praying that he will be surrounded by good, positive influences.  Last year he made friends with some boys that my husband and I didn’t really approve of.  It wasn’t obvious at first with two of them, more so with the third.  So how does a parent intervene and guide their child in their friend choices?  A lot of it is determined by the students they are placed in classes with.  This is where I am starting my prayer circles.  I have been intentionally praying for both of my sons to be surrounded by Christian friends this year.  I have even gone so far as to pray for certain students that I know come from good, Christian families to be placed in their classes.  And I am praying that the ones we know to be bad influences to not be in their classes.  At such young ages, 4 and 8, they do not yet know what is best for them.  As parents, it is our responsibility to guide our children in the choices they make.  There is no better place to start than in prayer.  God wants what is best for our kids even more than we do.  And He knows so much more about situations than we ever could.  So begin with His word.  Pray verses around your children about finding and being good friends.  Pray for their integrity in making wise decisions.  Pray that they will have confidence in God and in themselves to make wise friend choices.  These are the people your children will grow up with, helping to shape and mold their thinking.  I do speak from experience.  My 16 year old cousin got involved with the wrong group and it cost her her life.  Pray now while your children are still young for their friends they will have all throughout their school years.  Pray now while your kids still listen to you and look to you for advice.


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